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                       Important Press Release from the chair, Catherine  

                                                          April 6th, 2015


It is with deep regret we have learned that three of our local Democrats, two of whom are elected officials, plan to abandon the values that have held for so many years and align themselves with the Republican Party.

Over the last several election cycles, individuals and organizations tied to the Republican Party have consistently distorted our party’s position on issues. They have also used tactics of intimidation, extortion, and guarantees of no opposition to pressure our local Democratic office holders and candidates to cut ties with the Democratic Party. It is disappointing to know that these individuals were unwilling to stand up to such contemptible behavior.

They have chosen to join a Republican party that opposes equal pay for women, a Republican party that opposes access to affordable healthcare for hardworking Tennesseans, a Republican party that opposes raising the minimum wage, a Republican party that usurps local governmental authority, a Republican party that places special interests and wealthy donors ahead of the people of Tennessee. We
are saddened that these individuals have chosen to side with Republican opportunism over Democratic opportunity for all.

By turning their backs on the voters who elected them as Democrats, they have shown the same disregard for hardworking Tennesseans that is the hallmark of the Tennessee Republican party. While we are disappointed with their decision, the Democratic party of Anderson County will continue to be a voice for everyone
who lives and works here, and we look forward to continuing to elect Democrats to offices at the city and county level and to providing Democratic candidates with all the support and resources they need to win.


Democrats Put People First!