The Executive Committee plans programs and activities, raises funds, and conducts the business of the Anderson County Democratic Party.  Meetings are held monthly in an election year and every other month in a non-election year.  The meetings are usually held the fourth Thursday of the month, but may vary to accommodate a speakers schedule or other special events.  Anyone may attend the meetings, but only Executive Committee members may vote on any business that may be conducted.  Executive Committee members are elected at the biennial county convention or at subsequent Executive Committee meetings if there are vacancies.

The County Convention for Reorganization of the Anderson County Democratic Party is held every two years to elect Executive Committee members.  Anyone may attend the county convention.  Those wishing to be elected to the Executive Committee or to vote for Executive Committee members must (1) be in attendance, (2) be registered to vote in Anderson County,  and (3) sign an oath of allegiance to the Democratic Party.

After the convention is convened, the attendees who meet the voting requirements break into precinct caucuses and elect the allotted number of Executive Committee members and alternates.  Each precinct is allotted a certain number of members and alternates based on the number of individuals from that precinct who voted Democratic in the last gubernatorial election.  Anyone not elected to the Executive Committee is still a member of the Anderson County Democratic Party but cannot vote at Executive Committee meetings. (If there are vacancies after the convention, the Executive Committee may elect those who meet the criteria listed above at subsequent meetings.)

After the reconvened convention receives the election reports from the precincts, the convention is adjourned.  Then, the newly-elected Executive Committee convenes to elect the officers, re-adopt the by-laws and conduct any necessary business.  The Chair appoints the committees, presides over the meetings and with the help of the officers leads the Executive Committee in conducting the business of the Anderson County Democratic Party.

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