The Anderson County Democratic Party is affiliated with the Tennessee Democratic Party and acts in accordance with guidelines established by the state party.  Anyone registered to vote in Anderson County may join either by attending the biennial county convention or by contacting the Chair, Catherine Denenberg   Voluntary dues are $20. The dues are used to offset the costs of the newsletter you’ll receive, the website, and other operating expenses.

The County Convention for Reorganization of the Anderson County Democratic Party is held every two years to elect Executive Committee members.  The newly-elected Executive Committee then convenes to elect the officers, re-adopt the bylaws, and conduct any necessary business.  Anyone may attend the county convention.  Those wishing to be elected to the Executive Committee or to vote for Executive Committee members must (1) be in attendance, (2) be registered to vote in Anderson County, (3) sign an oath of allegiance to the Democratic Party.  The last county convention was held in March 2015, so the next one will be held at a future date to be announced.

Read more about the Executive Committee and the Anderson County Democratic Party by clicking the links on the left.  If you have any comments or if you’d like to join the party, please send us an email.  You may contact us by email at acdemocrats@andersoncountydemocrat.com.

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